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Designer Q & A – Sharkah Chakra

Designer Q & A – Sharkah Chakra

This week’s Designer Q & A is with Sara Simmonds, Founder and Designer of Sharkah Chakra – the luxury Fairtrade denim company.

1) Why do you think after 200 years jeans are still one of the most popular items of clothing?
I think the beauty of denim is its relationship to the social times we live in. If you think about it, from denim’s very conception jeans have always been about the people who wear them, their lives, and how they wear their jeans at that particular moment in time. I love that jeans can make social statements and I think that is why they have remained popular. If you look back to the 50’s jeans were worn as rebellion – think James Dean rebel without a cause, the 70’s jeans represent glamour and freedom Yves Saint Laurent I wish I had created blue jeans, and the 80’s Calvin Klein sex! For me personally I wanted to use denim to make something for now, for our generation and the issues impacting our lives – the environment, the people, and creating a sustainable future.

2) Last time I counted there were over 50 brands of premium denim jeans, what makes your jeans stand out from the rest?
Everything about my denim collection is designed to be different. I absolute agree that there is so little to distinguish denim brands these days and that is part of the thinking behind what I have created – something which is not only different and unique but which also redefines our perceptions of quality – handmade and hand-cut using only the finest materials. Our denim is the first premium denim collection to be made without exploitation of the people or the planet.

All Sharkah Chakra denim is made exclusively for Sharkah Chakra jeans and each pair of jeans is individually constructed and made for denim lovers. Our pure organic Fairtrade cotton is hand picked in Mali. The cotton is then dyed by a dye house who specialize in using pure natural indigo. Natural indigo not only gives our jeans their signature original and authentic colour, it’s pure ingredients means that our denim is non toxic and not harmful for the environment. Our denim is woven on original selvedge looms- as we love the best and the authentic. But we have taken selvedge denim to another level.

Our denim makers work with artisans to produce the first ever denim to be hand woven, giving each individual pair a unique finish. Some of our jeans are even signed by the artisan who wove the denim.