Fergie in Desert Blue Jeans

I have always been interested in the relationship between denim brands and the celebs who are photographed wearing their jeans. So this week instead of a Designer Q & A here is an article by Deborah Sullivan, Director of Public Relations for Desert Blue Jeans about how they go about getting their products worn by Hollywood celebrities.

“There are many ways of having a celebrity wear your clothes and of course the first one that pretty much is a guarantee is $$$. Nowadays, celebrities are paid to wear a designer’s clothes, make appearances at parties wearing your designs and fashion shows etc.

Young companies starting off don’t have the dollars like big corporations who can pay for endorsements, so you have to a little more creative!

In the past I’ve worked with TV and film, checking on new upcoming shows, new film projects, touching base with their wardrobe dept and lending clothes for filming. From doing this, actresses sometimes love what they see in the show and want items for their personal use, thus making your connection to the star. Some of the shows in the past that have worn designs by some of my client’s Friends, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Law & Order, MTV, Entertainment Tonight, Sopranos etc.

I’ve also approached celebrity agents and find out who they represent, if there is a particular star you wish to send items to as a gift. There is no guarantee, but they do love hearing from young hip new companies on the rise and are very supportive and they always love wearing something hot and new.

Hilary Duff in Desert Blue Jeans

Working in the fashion industry over the years you start to build a relationship with editors and stylists. I met Hilary Duff’s stylist in LA and she passed on our jeans to Hilary (see above) and her sister Hayley Duff.

Having your clothing pulled and sent for a photo shoot, again celebs will wear your clothes for the shoot and hopefully will want to have something for her personal wardrobe.

Lindsay Lohan in Desert Blue Jeans

Event Gift lounges are another way of having exposure to celebs/musicians, by sponsoring and being a part of the event you are able to meet these people and have the opportunity to present your line and they walk home with a new pair of the hot Desert Blue jeans. Lindsay Lohan (see above) received her jeans through a Silver Spoon gift lounge event in Hollywood.”