Frankie B. showcases their Spring 2009 Collection in the Original Short Film “Let’s Get Lost” – starring Taryn Manning, directed by Travis Schneider and original music by Gilby Clarke.

“Let’s Get Lost” communicates freedom, escape and independence, and captures the mystery and allure behind Frankie B.’s Spring 2009 collection.

Daniella Clarke, first developed the idea for “Let’s Get Lost” when invited to participate in the January 2006 Designers issue for Vanity Fair magazine. She chose Taryn Manning as the ultimate representation of style, creativity, and laid back confidence – with a bit of an edge. Sharing a passion for music and all things vintage, the two came together to create an authentic look inside Frankie B’s world.

Shot on location at the “Planet Awesome” house in Los Angeles the short depicts a day in the life of a Frankie B. female via fragments of memories and random happenings throughout her day, the film’s star — actress and musician, Taryn Manning — portrays the complex characteristics of the brand’s muse: she is soft but strong, raw but sweet, beautiful but tough.

Music by Daniella Clarke’s husband Gilby Clarke with Taryn Manning on vocals brings it all together setting the tone for the rock-n-roll vibe that Frankie B epitomizes.