LTB jeans are one of my new favorites denim brands, they are from Turkey and have been around since 1948. Furthermore they are also good value for money ($75 – $130) because they own their manufacturing plant in Turkey meaning they can make quality jeans with the best European fabrics and keep a good price point.

This fall, LTB gives a nod to the past, present and future by channeling an adventure in time. The perfect mix of vintage inspirations with modern technology, the new collection consists of three color palettes inspired by different historical eras: 1883, 1983 and 2083:

1883: Faded with time, powder whites, greens and washed blues have an antique-like vibe, while lush velvet and gabardine fabrics further evoke thoughts of an era filled with rich history, luxurious clothing and all things decadence.

1983: Take a flash back to the beginning of the MTV era, where neon and excess were key. Think vintage Madonna a la “Borderline,” the bold colors of Rubiks Cube and Sarah Jessica Parker in “Square Pegs”. Vibrant hues are back better than ever with punches of reds, yellows, vivid greens, loud magentas and cobalt blues are scattered through the LTB collection.

2083: On a journey to the future with sleek tones of silver aluminum, cold grays and bold streaks of pink. Metallics live, minimalism rules and contrast abides.

A favorite of Hollywood stars like Jennifer Garner, Katherine Heigl, Hayden Panettiere and Cameron Diaz these jeans can also be spotted in shows like “Gossip Girl” and “The Hills”. If you’re in New York check out their new flagship store in Soho, NYC or buy them online at