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oneculture was founded by Mark Carter in San Francisco in 2004 and has just released its Fall 08 and Spring 09 collection. For everyone who loved and still loves the 1970’s, this brand is for you. The creator himself is very nostalgic. He collects old action figures (which, by the way is where he got the name for one of his jeans) and has brought that personal characteristic into the artworks he calls “oneculture jeans.” His choices of colored thread in the photos below truly represent the 70’s in all its glory.

As with all brands, when starting out Mark knew he needed a distinction to his lines; something to set himself apart from the bigger players in the denim industry. He believes the back of the jeans is where the magic happens and so he chose to place his signature, the arrow (see below) at the top of all his pairs of denim. This characteristic is his favorite design aspect of his lines and is here to stay throughout his future collections. His lines thus far are considered to be fashion-forward takes on raw denim.

You can find this premium denim label at the following retail establishments: Villains, August and Drift Denim Essentials. For any retail buyers out there, Mark is also currently taking orders for his Spring 09 line.

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