Alexis LaMontagna is a young Los Angeles based designer who is making a name for herself. Denimology sat down for an interview with her and found her to be so down to earth and lovely.

When did you launch your brand and how did you get started?

My husband motivated me to start my own line and pursue my dreams of becoming a designer. Last year at LA Fashion Week (see below) was my first show. I’m going into my second season now.

You’ve put a spin on the use of denim. How did that come about?

Originally I wanted to start the line out as a contemporary line but the people around me really pushed me to make my line a designer line. I draw a great amount of inspiration from Vivienne Westwood and her designs. Almost all of my line is made of denim, jackets, gowns, vests, jeans and dresses. Jeans are my favorite pieces to make and wear. It’s tough to get to the top of the denim competition there are so many brands in the marketplace, I think a good fit and a lot of luck is almost best.