Hellz Bellz designer Lanie Alabanza is offering a tribute to the sexploitation films of the 1960’s and 70’s with her new “Bullet Proof Sisters” collection is reminiscent of films like “Switchbalde Sisters” and “Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill Kill”. She literally takes a new twist on denim with restructured waist bands and unexpected zippers. Vintage yet modern, Hellz Bellz is bringing the 1960’s to the street look of today creating a contrast to the ultra feminine look available in the tops and jackets also in her line. A hit already in Japan and the United States, Albanza has made her way across the ocean and is creating major buzz now in Europe. Hellz Bellz recently collaborated with watchmaker Nooka to create a limited edition watch that also reflects a vintage yet modern vibe and a great accessory addition to her line.