In most cases, the easiest way to ID a denim label is by checking out the backpockets. By now we’ve all memorized the stitched swoop of Sevens and the difference between True Religions’ pocket flaps and Hudsons’. A distinct backpocket design is the recurring signature that denotes and perpetuates a brand. Even the intentionally stripped-down pockets of J Brands and Superfines are each marked by their own trademark of subtle curves. A more mainstream version of the ‘It’ bag, a denim label can act as a status symbol for understanding what is premium, but more importantly, what is in.

For three business partners at start-up brand Gridlock Denim, the belief is that the next big shift in denim will be the ability to change your backpockets. In addition to a full range of jeans, the company will offer up a variety of interchangeable pockets to zip/snap on including patterns of horoscope signs, chakra symbols, and animal prints. With its kaleidoscope of patterns, Gridlock seems to break denim’s rule on brand identity, but then again, we’ve never seen anything like this before, so maybe not having one look IS its look. Now all that’s left to wonder is which Hollywood girl will be the first to be snapped in these?