Even top supermodels like Kate Moss have to go through airport security like the rest of us. In these photos I am pretty sure that she is wearing a pair of grey jeans from her own Kate Moss TopShop collection as there appears to be a curly “K” on the back pocket (see below). If anyone could confirm or deny this I would be grateful.

UPDATE: I been informed that these jeans are not from Kate’s TopShop collection but are in fact from a new British denim label Katia London, expect to hear more from them when they launch in the summer.



  1. Is ”son of a Stag” now the best denim store in the U.K.? They must be the best denim jeans store in London.
    They have amazing brands and also have these special sewing machines that can shorten jeans and get special chain stitching on jeans when shortened.
    They have a massive collection of Edwin jeans.
    The staff are the best knowledged – very nice people too – a really personal treat in London.

  2. ok i have a pair of those katia jeans that i bought in london fashion week now i want another pair does anyone know where i can get them here in london? do they have a store?? thanks

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