Fergie was photographed arriving at a studio in LA (to record with Slash) wearing a pair of Chip & Pepper jeans.


  1. That is at Producer/engineer BigChris Flores’ Studio “Moodswing Records” in Van Nuys.
    He worked with Slash on the movie,”This is Not a movie” starring Edward Furlong and Peter Coyote coming out soon. He has been working with Slash on the movie and Slashs solo album since June of 07. Cant tell you much about the album other than it is gonna be off the chain! biggest thing to come out in while , no doubt…..

  2. I love fergie, and slash!
    I just met big chris the other day. boy that guy can play!
    Anyway, he said the album was almost finished!
    He wouldnt tell me who was on it OTHEER THAN FERGIE AND OZZIE
    Does anyone else know?

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