This week we are starting a regular new feature where we interview the people behind some of the biggest denim retailers. We start with Catherine Chow, Founder of one of the web’s best fashion-forward stores

1) Why do you think is it that after 200 years jeans are still one of the most popular items of clothing?
Denim is an amazing and sustainable fabric. From work wear to fashion, denim is a casual way to really express individual style. Denim also has unique characteristics that change in time and become personal with wear.

2) Denim retail is a competitive business, how do you ensure that your shop stands apart from the rest?
We look for quality, fit, and style. We recognize that some styles are a trend but core fits are a staple for denim lovers. We provide excellent product knowledge and help our customers get into the right denim for them.

3) With hundreds of denim brands to choose from how do you decide which to stock?
Again, we look for important elements in a denim line. Consistency with fit and quality is important to us. We stand behind our product and want our customers to love their jeans. We pay close attention to our market and their demands. We take the suggestions of customers and combine them with our knowledge of the denim world.