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Johan and Marcella Lindeberg know a thing or two about denim — and fashion sense. Marcella’s boots? “Sorry! You can’t have them yet. Soon.” The couple, both veterans of the Italian jeans juggernaut Diesel, moved to Los Angeles in late December as creative directors for William Rast, the L.A.-based denim line launched in 2005 by Justin Timberlake and his childhood friend Trace Ayala.

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The Lindebergs, in their downtown L.A. studio-in-the-works, “are denim people, and we love it, but we like to mix it with sharper silhouettes,” Johan says. “We also want to tap into American culture, to have vintage inspiration but to give it a modern tweak.”

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The couple go over plans. They say their ultimate goal is to create a denim brand with international appeal — and the rabid following that European denim competitors such as Diesel enjoy.

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Johan and Marcella Lindeberg inspect a jacket for William Rast. The designers love how Angelenos eschew the conventional and are open to taking a gamble on style. “In terms of taste, L.A. is between Paris and Tokyo. For me, those are the three references,” Marcella says.

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It’s zips and pockets galore on a jacket from Justin Timberlake’s line. William Rast is no celebrity whim, and Timberlake is not a sorta-designer. Instead, he’s the spokesmodel and muse who exclusively wears Johan Lindeberg’s designs. There’s also a women’s line.


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