Great News: our fav under $100 per-pair-brand, Cheap Monday, is here in New York. As of this Monday, the meticulous Swedish jean’s maker set up shop in SoHo at trendy boutique Inven.Tory. Located at 19 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012, the store is open 12-8 daily.

However, here’s the bad news of the story: They are only here while their inventory is available, and they’ve only brought with them exactly 50 pairs of jeans. And to be even more exact, “50 pairs of one-of-a-kind distressed unisex jeans that have undergone customized sandpapering, punching, patching, sewing and various other destructive treatments and washing,” says Elle Magazine. The jeans are even numbered-#201-250.

Dubbed the “Cheap Monday Distressed Denim World Tour” the brand is making various and poignant store-stops in Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, and London, bringing to us sweet one of a kind and limited edition denim. There are also rumors that the brand will head to Tokyo and possibly Los Angeles, as well.

The initial price point of any given pair of Cheap Monday’s, as you probably already know, is around $70.00. Well, these limited edition distressed jeans? $70.00. No joke. I have a feeling that eBay may be flooded. Let us know if you make it to the sale!


Inven.Tory on Kenmare in New York City