The Daily Mail challenged three readers (sized 8, 12 and 16) to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans on the high street. Unsurprisingly the slimmest of the three had the most luck whilst the young lady who was size 16 had real trouble finding any jeans that fitted particularly well. She would probably have had better luck if she had tried on some premium denim (which is also available on most high streets) rather than the cheaper options she chose which all came in at under £40.


  1. The jeans in the middle are so flattering on that woman and the wash is amazing! What brand are they?

  2. They are 7 for All Mankind jeans. I think the woman on the right should’ve avoided the light stitching around the waistband to make the jeans flatter her more. The stitching highlights her tummy. Unless your tummy is flat (or you’re embracing pregnancy), you don’t want to highlight it and that goes for women from size 4 and up.

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