brookandlyn_chain_denim1.jpgDIY jeans original Rodan vs. Griffith (chained, ripped)

This week we start a new regular feature interviewing denim aficionados. The first person to take part in the Q & A is Mimi Jung who has her own great blog If you love denim and would like to be featured here then email your details.

1) How would you describe your denim style?
I’m a bit fickle when it comes to my denim. I’m always adding new styles to my collection. I wear skinny, wide, tapered, straight, high waisted, natural waisted, all sort of shades and the list goes on.

2) What do you look for in a pair of jeans?
At this point in my denim collection, I only have two excuses left to splurge on a new pair – unique color and style. The fit doesn’t matter that much since I get all of my jeans tailored. I’m short with a smallish waist so it’s highly unlikely that a pair off the rack will fit.

3) What are your favourite pair of jeans and why?
My favorite pair changes every couple of months. Right now its a pair of recently DIY jeans that I bought in Basel about 5 years ago. The label says Kembei, but unfortunately I’ve never been able to find any information about the company. It’s a dark blue pair that I recently slow bleached, sanded down and ripped for a natural fade. I’ve been wearing them pretty much with everything. They add great contrast to all of my formal tops, as well as add some character to my more casual wear. That reminds me, I have to get them dry cleaned.