Proportion of Blu denim dress.jpg

Here is a continuation of our newest feature interviewing denim aficionados, this time our guest in the hot seat is Cecilia Doan who has her own blog called, ‘Love, Portland’.

1) How would you describe your denim style?

Denim is my style! I incorporate denim into most of my outfits. I’ve got everything from denim shorts to denim dresses, denim vests, and denim shoes.

2) What do you look for in a pair of jeans?

The most important thing I look for in a pair of jeans is a flattering fit. I pay attention to the material composition as this seems to affect how they’ll sit on my body or how they’ll eventually wear. Back pocket placement, amazing lines (what makes your legs look 100 miles long), and if there is distressing done if they’re hitting the right places: honeycombs behind the knees and not on my calves, sandblasting on the thighs highlight just enough and not too much, etc.