Here is the second in a new regular feature interviewing denim aficianados, this time the person in the hot seat is Judy Aldridge who has her own blog called Atlantis Home.

1) How would you describe your denim style?
I like denim that’s had work put into it–rough and aged. I like tough denim.

2) What do you look for in a pair of jeans?
Something new–surprise me—please!!! Jeans that look great with boots-

3) Who are your top 3 favourite brands and why?
Hysteric Glamour–the wash, quality, and details make these jeans. The Proportion of Blue has a great fit–at least for me. The perfect pair of vintage 501’s–the new ones aren’t working for me.

4) How many pairs of jeans do you own and what is the most you have paid for a pair?
Probably about 50 pair. Only 20 in current rotation. $400.00, but I can’t remember which ones.

5) What are the first pair of jeans you remember?
Wow–I had an amazing pair of patchwork denim wide leg jeans in the 70’s–my sisters friend borrowed them and I never saw them again.