J Brand, the jeans we have come to know and love over the past few years for simple lines and a clean cut, is branching out. This fall, like many of the other denim brands out there, we will watch as J Brand gently fuses their brand in a designer collaboration.

UK-based designer Hussein Chalayan may not have been the obvious “celebrity” choice that other lines have pushed towards their forefront as of late, but Mr. Chalayan certainly does pack the punch of fashion giant PPR (Gucci Group, Puma, etc…)

During his own Fall 2009 RTW collection in Paris earlier this month, models wore the sexiest styles we have seen from Chalayan in years (bottom skimming pencil skirts, garter belts, thigh high slits)–showing that he has more edge and selling power than ever. Principals from J Brand were standing by (sitting by actually-in the front row that is) just brimming over with hope and excitement.

No words on a retailer for the joint effort yet, although my personal opinion would place all bets safely on Neiman Marcus. And, as for styles, bearing in mind that Chalayan is quite the avante-garde himself, don’t you think that he might take it just a little further than a couple of ankle zippers? Oh, I think he might! Stay tuned…


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