This week we have a special interview with Audrina Patridge of The Hills who is the ambassador for Divine Rights of Denim.

1) You must have been asked to work with lots of fashion labels what made you agree to partner with DRoD?

For one thing, I really like their style! The line is sexy and fun and they’re not afraid to take risks with colors/washes/fit. For example, this season they’re bringing ACID WASH back. How cool is that? I also loved the price-point. It was important to me that my fans be able to actually afford a pair of these jeans. With everything under $100, you can’t go wrong.

2) It must be very flattering to be asked to be the face of a brand, why do you think they chose you?

Hmmm…I hope they chose me because I am the ultimate jeans girl! I really do wear jeans ALL the time. I dress them up, and dress them down and funk them up. It’s really flattering.

3) What is involved in being the face of a DRoD?

In addition to appearing in their print campaigns, I get to contribute to the design. I have had quite a few meetings at the factory with the design TEAM and we make storyboards and sketches. It’s really fun and an ongoing process. I will also be making personal appearances at some of the major trade shows.

4) I understand that in addition to promoting the brand you also have a hand in the merchandizing, could you explain a little about your involvement there.

I work with the head merchandiser and design team by bringing fun ideas to the table I.e particular fits, styling, and new possible washes. We take those ideas and incorporate them into the line. A lot of hard work, but fun and a great experience.

5) How would you describe your denim style?

I literally pair EVERYTHING with denim. Vintage t-shirts or simple tank tops – to dressy blouses and going out tops.