The new Planet is 20,000 square-feet – 2,000 square meters – over three floors, showcasing all Diesel and Diesel Black Gold collections. The brand pulses its DNA throughout by offering over 700 different denim styles and washes on every floor. Growth categories such as bags, footwear, intimates, leather goods, jewelry, timeframes, shades and fragrances will also be featured within. This will be Diesel’s 4th flagship in the US, 7th door in New York City and 4th Diesel Planet worldwide including Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong.


  1. Did you watch the video?
    “Bang, Bang Shoot ’em Up!”

    & Dan Keys “I think I’m over dressed.”

    “We’re at the kids table”….. I’m always at the kids table 🙁

  2. They should invest more in quality of their products, they moved almost entire production in China,Thaivan,India… and in it reflects on quality of products, which SUCKS!!! Soon they will be on the same level of quality as Zara, lame!

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