Kristen Stewart pretty much seems to lives in her J Brand jeans as can be seen in these photos taken of her out and about in LA yesterday.


  1. I think they are 912′ pencil leg J brands. You can check out
    this website gives pretty much every clothing info of kristen.

  2. OMG… Of course I do have my own style. Just because I know about the site doesnt mean I copy her. I was just trying to help the person. and I gave the website adress so that they can have the certain answer to their question. coolspotters is a known site you know.

  3. Oh, whoa, hey. I didn’t mean you. I meant the one that had to know what jeans those were. I dunno, just seems like someone could go out and pick a pair of jeans on their own, not just cause a celeb is wearing them…

  4. Okay, got it now. No prob! And, yeah, they are simply skinny jeans you can find anywhere. But I also don’t judge her/him, because I was looking for simple jeans and I couldn’t find’em anywhere, when they see what they look for, It’s totally ok to ask. Anyway, I’ve never tried a pair of j brand but they seem so comfy. Are they comfy?

  5. I just go to a store and look for clothes that I like. I’ve never worn a pair of skinny jeans in my life, and the only reason I intend on buying some is for my Converse XX-Hi’s. As for J Brand, also something I’ve never in my life worn. Hell, I’d never even heard of them until I saw this. *shrug* I’m not very big into designer brands and all that. I just wear what looks good. If its only $5, all the better. 🙂

  6. I love skinnies. They make people look nice, at sort of point. I’m not also into designer brands because I don’t like to spend bunch of money to smth that you can find anywhere cheaper. I LOVE Levi’s for instance, I don’t know, I just feel the western style. Back to topic, I can’t deny these jeans look perfect on Kristen. She has the figure to carry jeans perfectly.

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