With the words ‘going green’ being thrown around so much these days, it’s always nice to see the phrase really become a phase. Kuyichi has only been around for two seasons, but the brand is already leading the industry in using luxurious eco-friendly fabrics. For its third collection, the company is adding lenpur denim (made from excess tree clippings) and soy denim (made from the wasted parts of soybeans when making food products) to its growing list of sustainable raw materials.

Perhaps more importantly to the fashion industry, though, is the proof that no amount of vegetable dye, hemp, or bamboo can cripple good design. Instead, Kuyichi utilises the natural properties of these goods to their full potential- creating beautiful dip-dyed fabrics and a unique hemp selvage denim that casts just a hint of green. From denim linens to strapless all-in-ones, there is no doubt that the label’s spring collection is all about simple joy- and the very bold declaration that art and science- creativity and innovation- make a splendid pair.