The former “O.C.” star, Mischa Barton was spotted wearing a pair of skinny Miss Sixty jeans.
In career news for Mischa, she’s nabbed a role in a new CW show, called “A Beautiful Life,” produced by Ashton Kutcher.

“Ashton developed it about his life growing up as a model from Iowa, so it’s about the whole fashion world that he was in, and obviously I have a lot of friends in the fashion world, so I’m used to being around a lot of people in that,” Barton tells People.

Barton, who recently sat in the front rows at a few Paris Fashion Week shows, has probably thoroughly researched her role as Sonia, a successful model.

“[I play] a bitchy model-type character, like it’s a totally different character for me,” says Barton.

Are we interested or do we not even care? And by we, I mean you.