Ande Whall is not necessarily the most well known denim around, however, these handmade denim goods are definitely surviving the recession with a well due cult following. Dubbed the “World’s Finest Selvage Denim”, Whall-lover’s are flocking to the original Flying Pocket Design, low-ball prices, and top quality stitching from all over the world.

Ande Whall himself is an independent denim designer from the South Island of New Zealand. His one man-custom design workshop holds home to the entire denim process: design, pattern drafting, garment construction, branding artwork, the Ande Whall website design, photography, the sourcing of raw materials, and of course, sales.

I will warn you up front though that if you are looking for fancy and bling–these are not for you! In other words, you sure won’t find Whall with a runway show at Bryant Park. Yet, for those of you who desire some of the best selvage denim, quality stitching, custom designed tags and thick indigo coloring around, these are absolutely for you.

Contact [email protected] or visit the official website at for more information. You never know, we may have another Nudie Revolution on our hands here. Have any of you worn Whalls? Let us know.