ClintonCharlie Booty Hugger Jeans clintoncharlie-close.jpg

Think your boyfriend never listens to you lament over having trouble finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans? Well one guy did…he is designer Clint Webster. He was sick of hearing his girlfriend complain that jeans sagged at the bum or had a gaping waistband, despite the hefty price tag of the jeans, and so was born the Australian ClintonCharlie label. Now his “BootyHugger” jeans are the signature items of the ClintonCharlie label, with the first batch at the end of 2006 selling out in less than three weeks.

Successfully creating a more shapely look to a woman’s backside, these jeans ensure a tight and snug fit, with no sagging or exposing of underwear when she sits down. They come in different cuts and washes and have become the new favorite jean of many women. Click to see more of the ClintonCharlie Booty Hugger collection after the jump…


  1. Different person has differenct butt size.

    How could we get a perfect tight and fit feeling to all of them?

  2. Hi Alex,
    My jeans fit all shapes and sizes because there curve enhancing which means they mould to different body shapes.
    I hope i answered your question!

  3. Hi Clint,

    It’s glad to hear from you.

    How is the curve enhancing achieved?

    By cut, sewing or strethy fabric?

    Could we be friends, as we both love jeans?

  4. Hi Alex,
    Thanks you to.
    It’s achieved using a special denim material
    and the way the jeans are cut and tailored.
    Of course we can.

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