Buff soccer stud (lucky enough to be married to my fashion icon dujour) David Beckham wears
Prps Dr Acetate Jeans
to Cipriani’s. Why’d you take off the pink scarf David, you looked so edgy and sophisticated.
On a not-so-denim note, am I only the only one reminded of dreamboy Sean Connery? (Age is only a number, le sigh… my heart beats for Sean…)

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  1. dont think he’s wearing the dr acetate style as they dont have as much fading on the legs – they look more like the darty dirty wash in the barraccuda fit that are available at newton store in japan … love the look of the jeans but hate the fit , only like the bootcut myself !

  2. very nice denim! i love prps. their jean is awesome! david beckham really looks good in Prps.

  3. i want to buy this jacket for my bf, but i am having no luck as to finding the brand of it. does anyoen know thw brand?

  4. u look great beckham

    and i wish i had a gf like the girl who said dat i wana buy a jacket like that for my bf

  5. I’m sorry but to me he looks like a lunatic who is about to kill someone. Note to David: there is s fine line between machismo (albeit well-dressed machismo) and on parole.

  6. To be fair to him i think this is the look he adopts to ward off the paparazzi. Doesn’t seem to be working though.

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