Denim Therapy Holey Jeans.jpg is an up and coming site in world of denim repair. Maybe it has not recently crossed your mind to look for a denim repair shop because your head (like mine) has been buried in the sand of intentionally torn and worn denim! Yet, not every pair of jeans is meant to be destroyed. So, if you have found that your favorite pair has recently gone from trendy to trashed, you may want to check out for a quick and reliable fix. You will get those same exact jeans back that you never wanted to give up in the first place (You know, the ones with that delicious broken in softness and fit that you cried over when you tore them in that absolutely unforgivable spot…) does not “discriminate” either. They will take your mom’s Gloria Vanderbilt’s from 1970 or those Rock & Republic’s from last month. From what I understand, does not simply “patch” your jeans either. They actually find the same threads and denim materials and then weave your jeans back together at the point of damage. Check out some of the before and after pictures, below. I have to admit, this does not look like a patch. In all actuality, it looks pretty darn good…



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