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‘Do It Yourself’ Jeans – Bleach Wash & Studs

‘Do It Yourself’ Jeans – Bleach Wash & Studs

Some of the new fashion washes in the stores this Spring look strangely like they were done at home by the designer playing around in their kitchen, with their studs, tie-dye, ripping and marbling. One of our favourite fashion bloggers, Mimi Jung of BrookandLyn, is an expert denim d.i.y.-er and has great instructions for achieving the crushed/tie-dyed bleach look currently retailing from Siwy and others. Doing it yourself means you a guaranteed a unique pair of jeans. Just take care with bleach and sharp tools, and perhaps try the technique out on an old pair of jeans before attempting to alter your beloved J Brands! Mimi has bleached-out her jeans at home, and we love the addition of the studs, but these jeans would look as cool with just the bleach wash. Her instructions are really simple, and for bleaching, we recommend trying five parts water to one part bleach as a starting point, but let us know how you get on!

First take a pair of dark beat up jeans and wrinkled them into a tight ball. Then fill a bucket with water plus bleach (preferably with a top so you keep the smell contained) and dumped the balled up jeans into the bucket. After about one hour you should start to see some bleached results (cheap jeans bleach out faster but really well made dark denim takes a long time to bleach). Once you reached the desired color and pattern rinse them as much a possible to get the smell out, warning the bleached color that is left on the jeans will come out so wash alone. Once dried stud them on the sides with 1/4″ metal studs as desired.


  1. Hey how do you ball them up and what do you use to hold them after they are balled up so they don’t come loose?

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