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‘Do It Yourself’ Jeans – Sprayed & Spattered

‘Do It Yourself’ Jeans – Sprayed & Spattered

One of the big fashion trends at the moment is recycling your own clothes, or ‘shopping your closet’. But every girl also needs a bit of a lift and something that feels new, even if it isn’t. We’ve been inspired by some fashion bloggers with nimble fingers and a crafty streak to showcase the best do-it-yourself denim washes. They are a bang on trend and a great way to revitalize a forgotten pair of jeans. Mimi Jung of BrookandLyn, is an expert denim d.i.y.-er and has created these supercool skinnies, which were originally grey, by spraying and dripping bleach. The grey shade has bleached to this lovely nude-y pink shade. Of course, if you did these on black or blue jeans, the bleached-out shade would be different – but the idea would work just as well.

Just spray on bleach, or bleach and water mix, from a plastic spray pump bottle (for watering plants, or an old kitchen cleaner spray bottle perhaps) and wait for the results. Take care of anything that might be damaged by the bleach – the bathroom is the best place for this kind of thing – and also take care of yourself! The better made the denim, and the darker the shade, the longer it will take to bleach out. Also, remember that when you rinse the bleach out, the effect may be more pronounced than what you see beforehand. Rinse with water (some people recommend vinegar to stop the bleach acting on the denim) and dry.