Wilfrid Wood was sought out by Levi’s Engineered to create a three-pack of “The Twisted Originals” characters to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Levi’s Engineered jeans are made with raw denim. Raw denim, in it’s classic form, is marked by a twisting leg seam due to the direction of the weave of the raw denim. Each of the “Twisted Originals” represent Levi’s Engineered’s “twisted” raw denim signature. The eccentric personalities of each figure represent a different cut of jeans.

As for size, “The Twisted Originals” will measure 30 cm (approximately 11.8 in). And for those lucky folks in the UK, you’ll have the opportunity to buy sets measuring 2 m (approximately 78.7 in) tall! They’re names are Hopper, Fingers and Bernie.