Earnest Sewn announced their Vintage Exchange program asking their loyal customers to bring back their well worn, well loved, original Earnest Sewn Jeans to any of the brand’s retail stores, in exchange for a discount on a new pair. I paid Benjamin Talley Smith, Earnest Sewn’s Design Director, a visit to check out the life cycle of a pair of jeans in the Vintage Exchange.


Earnest Sewn graphic designer, Jared Seavers provided the first Exchange to be put into production. Starting with the Kyree.xx, the dark denim on the left, Jared wore his jeans for over a year and a half before putting them in a cold wash and hanging them to dry. In their lifetime, they’ve seen the laundry only three times.

Emphasising denim’s personal nature, seen in the middle photo and with the orange loop, every mark and repair on Jared’s jeans have a story. He keeps his pen in his right front pocket; cell phone in the left. His keys have torn his back left pocket requiring only one repair while his wallet has destroyed his back right pocket requiring mending three times. While walking me through this yearbook of denim, Jared coined the name of the wash inspired by his own jeans: the Watson, after his DJ persona.

The final product will be style FULTON.337 in Watson, as seen on the right, and hits shelves for Holiday 2009.

To participate in the Vintage Exchange program, bring any worn Earnest Sewn jeans to one of their three retail locations. They’ll tag it with the dates you’ve owned it and your name and then give you 30% off a new pair of your choice. If the wash hits stores, it will be named after you and given a tag marking the history of the jean. And of course, send us a picture!