howies Hemp Jeans: Beautifully Imperfect Denim IMG_5890.jpg

The real green jean story: These howies jeans are woven using a pre-1920’s style ‘green-caste’ denim. An old style of jean which was popular before the more traditional blue indigo dye came into use. They mix their organic cotton denim with hemp fibres to make a selvedge jean with a unique look and feel. The greyish green tone comes from the leaves and stems of the indigo plant which are used to make the dye. The dye takes to the hemp fibres of the weave differently to the way it takes to the cotton fibres, giving the jean an uneven, streaky appearance.

Hemp crops are easily sustainable and, unlike cotton, cultivating and processing hemp requires a lot less water. In fact, a jean like this made from 40% hemp and 60% cotton (as opposed to 100% cotton), saves up to 2,400 litres of water, that’s enough to give one person clean drinking water for two years! Indeed, neither does hemp require the use of huge amounts of pesticides and herbicides which are used to grow cotton, as it is naturally antibacterial. It is also amongst the strongest natural fibres known to man. So when woven into fabrics it makes for pretty durable clothing and, when mixed with other fabrics, becomes incredibly soft. It has exceptional insulation and cooling properties too. Howies hemp jeans are available on their website for men and women, and they are offering a free Wabi-Sabi (beautifully imperfect) limited edition t-shirt with every Hemp jean purchased until May 1st. The shirt comes in men’s and women’s sizes. The offer is running online and instore at Bristol and London, and the shirt is based on the Hokusai’s wave and the Japanese philosophical viewpoint that “nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”

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