indidenim_dot_com.jpg ‘s tag line is “Design Your Own Custom Jeans Online For A Perfect Fit”. There seem to be quite a few websites popping up lately designed to help you FIND your perfect pair of jeans, but this is the first site that I have seen designed to actually CREATE your perfect pair.

The website provides shoppers with two options:

1) “You choose the fabric, rise, coin pocket, fly, leg style, hem, back pocket shape, back pocket style, and numerous finishing treatments” Then input your measurements and sends you the jeans.

or if you are not quite the fashion designer, you can simply go with…

2) “Shop the Custom Fit Collection” And, same thing, input your measurements and take advantage of made to order and free shipping always.

It sounds very cool. offers pretty much every choice you could think of as well as far as the styles and varieties that they offer: Slim Fit to Plus Size, Light Washes, Dark Washes, High Waist to Low Rise… even lets you choose details like top stitching, belt-looping and creasing.

Here are some looks from the Custom Fit Collection too. Personally I like the Noe Mersey or the Soma Bryan for women. For men, I like the Mission Folsom. What do you think? Have you checked out the site or had a pair made yet?

The Noe Whitney Jean
Potrero Classic Deharo Jean