Levi's Red Spring/Summer 2009 Collection pogo.jpg

The new Levi’s RED Spring/Summer ’09 collection continues to push the boundaries of innovation while remaining true to the brand’s heritage. Inspired by the craftsmanship of early denim workwear, this collection reflects the traditional construction process when fabric was precious and waste was not wasted. A minimum of 92% raw materials are used to product each individual garment with the remaining fabric being used to product collectible Levi’s Red packaging. Due to this back-to-basics production technique, each denim garment is individual and unique. The collection features guys and girls and unisex styles. Made from double selvage fabric, the natural shade of the indigo with cotton hemp composition is unstructured. I love the slogan on the inside patch – “Not the cheapest but the best”. How true.

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  1. I have a pair of these jeans (men’s style) & they are fantastic !! Never seen anything like them before & are truly a unique idea !!

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