PZI Skinny Jeans For Curvier Girls PZI Jeans-7.jpg

Think you have to be a size 2 to wear skinny jeans? Think again. Known for their curvy fit, PZI Jeans is now offering ten different styles of skinnies that were created just for curvy women. PZI Jeans also has priced their jeans at recession friendly prices everyone appreciates, PZI skinny jeans retail at $69.00-$79.00. PZI’s jeans come in a variety of inseams with no gapping at the waist.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think about this collection! If you consider yourself a curvier girl who’s been scared to try skinnies in the past, would skinny jeans cut especially for your curves tempt you give them a try?

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  1. what a concept! I wish I had found out about this line sooner, since I just ordered 2 pairs of skinny jeans from Victoria’s Secret site

  2. Wow! So great to see a brand embracing the true beauty of a woman’s curves. These PZI Jeans seem to be jeans we can really really wear. Cannot wait to check them out!

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