Most jeans these days are made from 11-13.5 oz denim. For some people, like Japanese jeans manufacturer Samurai, that’s over ten ounces too light.

Weighing in at a suit-of-armor-like 24 ounces, Samurai breaks its previous records of 21 oz. and 19 oz., making these jeans the heaviest ever produced. Many of Samurai’s 21 oz fans claim that their jeans, while heavy, are relatively comfortable to wear even in the dead of summer and look forward to the challenge of an extra 3 oz.

Of course, making such specialized denim is no easy feat. Production of the denim and sewing it together is such a slow and labor-intensive process that only 20 pairs can be made per day. Blue In Green expects to take delivery starting July giving Samurai die-hards the perfect chance to put their love of denim to the test.



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