These Hannah Slim Jeans by Siwy are just the slashed and torn “Destroyed Denim” that New York girls are wearing these days

This Month from Vice Magazine, the Global Trend Report gave us some insight into what’s hot where. Although the article included *a touch* of sarcasm in it’s report, there was definitely some truth behind the findings.

As you may already know, New York City and Los Angeles set the pace for the rest of us nationwide. What’s worn from coast to coast, trickles down to trend setters everywhere else, North and South.

For New York men, gone are the days of the skinny jean. What seems to be anywhere and everywhere however, are the skinnies’ cousin, the straight leg jean. “Sales have plummeted [on the skin-tight look] (most likely due to the ridiculous price tags), and men are allowing [themselves] to breathe once more,” says

For women on the East, that trashy late-eighties/early-nineties glam style has definitely come back swinging full force…think, “Axl Rose” rocker-chic. “[Closets]…consist of several American Apparel spandex dresses…ripped jeans, shredded or mesh tank tops, tights with too many questionable holes, and endless denim vests and jackets in every wash imaginable.”

As we head on over to California, men and women are also purposely picking a “haggard look”, but in a slightly different stylized manner.

Men are,”haggard and unwashed, stringy hair and thick, patchy beard…His wardrobe invariably consists of Double RL and APC–buttoned-down oxfords, sleeves rolled up, and white Sperry loafers sans socks,” says This guy is casual yet hap-hazard!

And the women, if they are wearing denim and not that typical oversized sundress seen all too often, will be a pairing tight dark skinnies with a “white v-neck”. The look is “pale-skinned-with-long-dark-hair-parted-in-the-middle”…and possibly a dramatic and tired frown too girls.


When you’re strolling around LA, you might see a guy looking just like this, a little unshaven, a little preppy, and possibly wearing a skinny pair of Nudie Thin Finn Ultra Indigo Coated Jeans

Which coast are you? Do you find any of these appealing? Or are you oh so over these apparently hip looks?


  1. Crazy…. these looks, appear somehow – reversed? I mean, New york is the city of business…. and wearing shredded jeans? Where are these girls wearing their sliced and diced denim to? Can’t be work… Can it? And California boys look clean and polished now? So weird…..

  2. Such a flop. The guy from LA looks like mexican guy and they would probably wear something like Levis 501 for 19.99 bucks on sale.

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