Kent Denim, a new menswear denim line out of New York, is the brainchild of designer Noah Landis. Mr. Landis’s collection, which can be purchased at Love Brigade in Brooklyn, was originally inspired by life on the streets in San Francisco and the life experience that clothes hold in their essence.

Kent Denim gives its wearers a modern look, with a slim silhouette. The jeans are minimally styled, and poised for long life and continuous wear.

“Denim, after continuous wear, creates and attains a life story synonymous with its wearer. Noting this importance and with a focus on quality and detail, Kent jeans are designed and constructed locally, and are aimed at complimenting a man’s life,” says the company’s website.

Take a peek at some of the looks that came out of a recent shoot for Kent Denim, helping to put this new name on the map.

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  1. Noah congratulations on your new line…I love it, I will love it more when you make some in my size love you Auntie M

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