Little in the Middle is a collection of signature jeans are designed to fit women with small waists and slightly larger hips. Finally! They are reasonably priced at $129 and get this…are even produced in the US! Inspired by her decades of dilemma in finding the right jean to fit her curvy figure – when the fashion industry seems to only design clothing to fit just the opposite, designer Lee Ann Park launched Little in the Middle in the hopes of revolutionizing women’s clothing to reflect a real fit.

Park designed her denim line around her own patented “one-up” sizing chart after years of frustration with her own voluptuous figure and the lack of fashion catering to her build. For example, a size 6.1 is designed to fit a woman who’s a size 6 waist, but a size 8 through the hips and thighs. (That is so me! Note to self: Must try these!)

To commemorate the re-launch of her line, Park has embarked on her latest endeavor: Little in the Middle and The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness have recently partnered to launch a national campaign to promote a positive body image by hosting the high-profile runway show, “re(Define) (Real)ity ™” around the country, which features celebrities and activists currently involved in raising awareness and funding to battle eating disorders. With The Alliance partnership, Park plans to reach out to other women who don’t feel they fit into society’s vision of perfection – or a pair of pencil-thin jeans.

Below are some of our favorite washes from Little in the Middle. You can find the entire line at TrueJeans in the US, or in the UK at ILoveJeans.

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