Meadham Kirchhoff Spring:Summer 09-7.jpg

Ed Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff opened their Spring 2009 show with sheer black organza tailoring followed by a hybrid jean-leggings! The tops of outfits consisted of what Ed Meadham affectionately refers to as “rotting lace”. But what was happening down south is what garnered every peeper in the tent. The view– handmade armor and amalgams made of denim and motocross leather, patched together with shredded indigo denim with knee pads, cross-lacing, and zippers. I can’t quite figure out how Balmain is all the rage yet we haven’t seen celebs wearing these stunning pieces. I hope to bring attention to the craftsmanship I am seeing here. Enjoy the pieces presented, they are surely a hidden gem who won’t be quite so underground in the near future.

Meadham Kirchhoff Spring:Summer 09-1.png
Meadham Kirchhoff Spring:Summer 0917.jpg

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