ONVIS is an Italian denim brand that goes beyond a classical consumer brand approach. ONVIS is literally living through its wearers. By offering people raw denim jeans – ‘Blue Virgins’ – and asking them to live in their products everyday by (ab)using them as much as possible. Once daily life has left its traces on the denim, ONVIS encourages the wearers to send back their pair of worn-out jeans and ONVIS replicates the pattern for a possible next limited edition of the so called ‘True Stories’ collection. If your jeans are selected to be the next style created, you will earn royalties of up to 5,000 Euros! Both the raw jeans and the re-created distressed and worn in True Stories versions are for sale on their website and they ship worldwide. Be sure to check out the true stories behind those who inspired these styles below, including a music producer and DJ, a young architect, a photographer in San Francisco, and a designer from London. What will your true story be?

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