Recently, I had a chance to interview Fidelity Denim Designer and Founder, Jason Trotzuk. A denim lover, strategic business man and Rock n’ Roll enthusiast, it is Jason Trotzuk’s role as President at Fidelity Denim that is guiding the company swiftly to it’s place as one of the new hot brands to wear in the world of Designer Denim. Seen on everyone from Rihanna to Rachel Ray, Fidelity Denim is definitely one to watch.

Check out what Jason had to say about life, women and Fidelity Denim…as well as some of the looks from his and my favorite cuts!

Denimology: Hi Jason, thanks so much for talking to Denimology! So, I read that you first began getting into denim design by hand-painting Levi’s in your parents basement. Talk about humble beginnings! What was the turning point in your career as a designer?

Jason Trotzuk: Even as I was painting jeans in my basement, I was always looking to expand into different fashion opportunities and ultimately stretched myself to thin. At 30 and was totally down and out, all my ventures were failures and nothing was working and I was about to give up…and then one day I decide to focus on what I do best and go back to the beginning, so I hired an assistant and focused on designing and selling jeans….within 6 months, I was selling over 200 stores and my jeans were flying!

D: Fidelity has a vintage feel to it. However, it is very modern in the sense that it is exactly how every woman wants to look as well. As a man, how do you stay constantly tapped into what women want in their wardrobe and how they want to feel in their clothes?

JT: It is definitely a luxury to have a job where I get to focus making women look hot and feel wonderful. I’m constantly surrounded by women, at work, at home, in social settings…everywhere!!!! I’m always in touch with women so I constantly hear and see how they feel about everything. My wife accepts the fact I have to work with beautiful women and she just laughs because in the end, I am making a product that looks amazing on her!

D: You have so many amazing cuts and washes at Fidelity. Personally I love the ALOE and the STEVIE. Do you have a personal favorite? Maybe one that you had the most fun with or possibly one that is a best seller?

JT: For many reasons, my personal favorite is the SCOOP VIPER RINSE, firstly, the fit is flawless and everyone who puts it on looks amazing in it. Second, it is a style that works entirely. Meaning, the the right fit, the pocket detail, wash….it is one of those items that is essential in every wardrobe…simply put, it truly is the best pair of rinse wash skinny jeans you will ever find…ok, so I am a little biased.

D: I know Fidelity has been doing a charitable collaboration with Rethink Breast Cancer, with the creation of the Hyacinth BC “Forever in our Hearts” Jean. What was your inspiration to do this limited edition, hand numbered collection?

JT: I love the thought that we can do something in business that makes a difference to people….fashion can be superficial, so it is nice to put things back into perspective and do something good for mankind. Creating a limited edition gives you the notion of being a part of something that makes a difference and your holding to on something not available to everyone.

D: How does it make you feel to know that regular women everywhere know who you are and love your clothes? How does it make you feel when you see very positive and powerful women like Cindy Crawford or Courtney Cox or Demi Moore in your designs?

JT: Tough question! I guess it makes me feel good, but ultimately it reminds me we are all one on this planet. It is just as cool knowing my next door neighbor is wearing the same pair of jeans as Demi or Cindy.

D: What a great answer! I could not agree with you more! And speaking on powerful people…that brings me to my next question…What is it like being in the fashion world during the recession, especially when we’re constantly seeing changes at some big powerhouse designers like Bill Blass and venues like Bryant Park? How do you personally stay focused and positive?

JT: Funny enough, this is our best year ever! The reasons for this is our focus (in the recession) is on product. Firstly, the combo of fabric, fit and finish makes for an exceptional jean experience to the wearer. Secondly, our goal is make sure our retailers have the right styles in their store to ensure Fidelity is one of the top selling brands. I stay positive by reminding myself that even in tough times, quality prevails!!!! And Third, I am very fortunate to have a loyal consumer…even in hard times, people come back and buy Fidelity.

D: So, what’s up next for Fidelity Denim?

JT: What’s next…to continue making a tremendous, uncompromising product and helping set the bar for premium denim!

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