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Sarah and Victor met just before college. After studying design and business respectively, the couple traveled to Europe before returning to their hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina to set up shop. The husband-and-wife team began making jeans a few years ago, in their apartment living room, with no grand plans beyond that. But as they made pattern after pattern, and pair after pair, they became wholly enthralled with denim and jeans making. Soon they’d acquired industrial sewing machines, moved production out of their home, and were selling to friends and local stores.

The couple handcrafts each pair of jeans into a modern fit, using the finest lightweight selvage denim. Their simple style and meticulously detailed Raleigh Denim jeans have garnered a national following and are sold in Barney’s New York stores and online. I love the idea of a lightweight selvage jean and can’t wait to try Raleigh for myself.

Raleigh Denim raleigh-denim.jpg

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Photos 1 and 3 by Nick Pironio