Citizens of Humanity Jeans has provided us with a digital lookbook of their Holiday denim line. The new season brings us a classic 80’s punk rock vibe meshed with modern sophistication that result in fashionable and contemporary trendy pieces. COH has pulled many different washes out of their time machine for this season’s line. You will find everything from tie dye and wax coating to velour and vintage hues, as well as ever trendy distressed denim with bold pops of color. Enjoy this massive collection of images courtesy of Citizens.

[grid ids=”111733,111735,111737,111739,111741,111743,111745,111747,111749,111751,111753,111755,111757,111759,111761,111763,111765,111767,111769,111771,111773,111775,111777,111779,111781,111783,111785,111787,111789,111791,111793,111795,111797,111799,111801,111803,111805,111807,111809,111811,111813,111815″]


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