It’s been a year now since Current/Elliott hit the denim scene and helped change the trends towards a more relaxed, distressed style of jeans. Now for fall, they are introducing “Deadstock”, a new collection under the Current/Elliott label, inspired by vintage jeans from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Deadstock will hit a mere 80 stores in July – including Neiman Marcus. The women’s line will consist of ten styles, including a skinny, wideleg, and of course, a boyfriend version, while the men’s collection has six styles. They will be made from Japanese denim and available in three washes: dark, classic and a faded “true blue”. While the new collection will have a different look, it still maintains that super luxe soft feel of Current/Elliott’s denim.

“[Real] deadstock is a little stiff and sometimes not as flattering on the body,” said Elliott. “We cheated a bit.”

And here’s a bonus – the new collection will be priced slightly less than Current/Elliott’s main line. Can’t wait to see more!

More photos of Current/Elliott’s Deadstock line after the jump!


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