Rips and slashes are big news and destructed jeans are perfect for summer, as they feel so much lighter and funkier than serious dark denim bootcuts and skinnies. Also, hopefully you will be working with a great tan, so it’s a nice way to show it off on the days you don’t feel brave enough for shorts! This look is fairly easy to achieve yourself, and fashion blogger Shini Park has created a step-by-step instruction guide to getting the look. The best suggestion is to use an old pair of jeans (perhaps the forgotten bootcut!), and to take care with sharp instruments! Also make sure you slide a cutting board or piece of cardboard into the leg before starting, so you don’t cut the back of the leg as well as the front. It’s best if you wore the jeans to see where to start slashing. Start slashing the jeans horizontally; do them in sections instead of the whole width of the jean for more destroyed effect. Slash first, then scrape off the denim to reveal the threads, then pull out the denim fluff. For choice of denim, a semi-thick, spring jeans would work the best. Avoid thin summer jeans or thick winter jeans. As washing the jeans will make them fray more, we’ve heard that turning them inside out, putting them in a pillow case and washing them on a delicate cycle will minimise this as much as possible.