I remember way back in the 80’s (I am showing my age here people) when all I wanted was a pair of Guess jeans. I begged my mother endlessly to buy me that $50 pair of jeans – which to her seemed like way too much to spend on one pair of jeans for a growing tween. Oh how I longed to be as cool as the popular girls at school who wore that famous triangle on their backsides! Perhaps this was when my obsession with expensive denim began.

Once again, Guess jeans is trying to revisit their fame from their younger years by returning their focus to denim. To achieve their goal, Guess will increase the percentage of denim in their stores to 40 percent from the current 30 percent, space that will be freed up as the company replaces jackets, pants, skirts, shirts and dresses. The new price point for their jeans will hover between $108 and $148, which Guess founders believe will enable Guess to steal away some market share from other brands. This new denim-focused approach also serves to differentiate between Guess and the higher-end line, Marciano, which was recently renamed Guess by Marciano.

While those of us who grew up in the 80’s remember Guess’ iconic status and background, the brand now seeks to capture the attention of twenty-somethings who don’t know of Guess’ denim-rich history. Do you think their new price points and focus will help them capture this sector of the denim market? By the way, I did finally get that pair of supercool Guess jeans way back when …thanks to good old dad!

Source: WWD