Last year I stumbled across the brand Hellz and it was love at first sight. I was taken by their unique streetwise approach to women’s clothing that is not for the damsel in distress. Hellz is quickly making a name for itself with fans like Beyonce and R&B singer Cassie, Lady Sovereign and Kanye West even gave Hellz a shout out on his blog recently and I echo his sentiment “I’m really feeling this” too! Which brings me to the current Spring/Summer 2009 “So Lolita” collection from designers Lanie and Bam who first met in New York and have been setting the record straight since with Hellz. I’ve dreamt about the “Hellz Naw” military jacket ever since seeing it. The boyfriend jeans are amazing and I could just swoon endlessly about the dip dyed jeans. Hellz is fresh and takes on the status quo with their t-shirts, skirts/dresses and all the denim has something you wouldn’t expect. Zippers on the waistband, suspender straps, amazing fit, the jean jacket with “A Crime For All Seasons” stitched on the back is mind blowing both for fit and the detail on the front and did I mention the “Hells Naw” military jacket?

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