Announcing the most intense Iron Heart product ever released, their 5th Anniversary 23oz Jeans! If you thought 21oz denim was heavy weight, you won’t believe what this new denim feels like. For Iron Heart’s 5th anniversary they wanted a denim that trumped everything else, something so intense that it would take over 20 different versions to get it right. The denim is unsanforized, which is a first for Iron Heart, and is so heavy and rigid that we cannot imagine how amazing it will look with wear. The denim starts out as a rigid 21oz denim, once soaked the true indigo color really comes out and the post-soak weight of the denim becomes approximately 23.5oz, easily the heaviest fabric they’ve done. Just released yesterday, these are limited to 400 pairs worldwide. You can find them online at Self Edge, retailing at $450, but hurry before they are gone!

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