Time for your daily dose of Kristen Stewart in J Brand Jeans. Knowing the paparazzi are following her every move the starlet (and one of my favorites) is taking to promoting her latest project “The Runaways” by donning a logo t-shirt with her favorite pair of J Brand Jeans that we’ve seen her in many times before.

Kristen Stewart is a Runaway kristen-stewart-6179-2.preview.jpg
Kristen Stewart is a Runaway kristen-stewart-6179-4.preview.jpg
Kristen Stewart is a Runaway kristen-stewart-6179-6.preview.jpg


  1. You guys have blogged this girl in these jeans like 20 times now, can’t you find anything else to write about? I want to see some new stuff, not the same old stuff over and over!

  2. Yeah we have. Look at the most popular posts at the bottom of the blog. Half of them are Kristen Stewart. People like this chick!

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